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foliar fertilizer Algreen

foliar fertilizer Algreen
Product Detailed
Asia's largest foliar fertilizer supplier. regulate plants growth increase yield and quality

foliar fertilizer specification


Fresh Seaweed Extract Liquid


²  Fresh seaweed extract finely processed under a patented technology, avoiding overuse of chemicals and heating, retaining more bioactive substances especially with high content of auxin.

²  High concentrated liquid, very convenient for spraying or fertigation application.  

²  Specifically designed for horticulture and can bring more colorful flowers and more tasty fruits both to growers and customers.


Algreen is a fresh seaweed extract contain­ing natural bioactive substances like vitamins, free amino acids, alginates and natural hormones, finely processed out of selected seaweeds (Sargassum, Ascophyl­lum nodosum, Laminaria) and under a patented technology. Such unique technology avoiding overuse of chemicals and heat can result in retaining more bioactive substances and be more environmental friendly. Thus, Algreen is much more suitable for horticulture and can bring more colorful flowers and more tasty fruits both to growers and customers.


Appearance                                            Green liquid

Odder                                                      seaweed-like

pH                                                            6.5-7.5                                                         

Specific gravity                                         1.25 g/ml              


Four naturally occurring plant growth regulators, auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins and betaines found in Algreen, play very important roles in cell division and the synthesis of protein, carbohydrate and chlorophyll. In addition, these plant growth regulators have a huge positive impact on resistance to stress, pest and disease through activating immune system.

Alginic acid, the major content of Algreen, stimulates activities of soil micro organisms, improves the water-holding capability of soil, protects chemical fertilizers from leaching or locking up and helps the formation of crumb structure.

Mannitol existing in Algreen is a powerful chelating agent which helps cations entry into plants and be absorbed by plants more easily. It is beneficial for plants to utilize chemical fertilizers more efficiently.

Algreen contains some critical trace elements with high concentrate, which can be readily available to plants because of their natural balanced and chelated form.

Algreen is both nontoxic and environmental friendly which will increase marketable value for agricultural and horticultural products.


1. Foliar Spray

Apply at the dosage of 70-100ml/100 litres of water, to be repeated 3-4 times, at 10-15 days interval during the growing season. Dosage refers to 1000 litres of water per hectare.

Note:Add the required amount of product to a sprayer tank which filled with half volume of water, stir evenly, then add the other water and mix equality.

Apply in early morning or late evening, avoiding spraying in rain, high winds, or extreme temperature conditions.

2. Fertigation

2-3 times, 2-4L/ha along with each water irrigation.

Note: Just fits mechanical irrigation system such as drip irrigation or spray irrigation. Flow irrigation may result in uneven coverage and produce low efficiency or waste.

It is preferable to drip Algreen solution into irrigation water at a constant rate.

3. Seed Treatment

1-2 Liters for 1 ton seeds. The soaking time varies from 8 hours to 16 hours according to the thickness of seed skin, the hygroscopic capacity of seed and the surrounding temperature. The suitable temperature for seed soaking is about 20.C.

4. Root Treatment: Apply at the dosage of 70-100ml/100 litres of water. Such treatment solution can be applied to roots and cuttings prior to transplanting.

foliar fertilizer Algreen

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